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Terms of Use

1. I have filled out all the fields required and all the information provided is true and complete.

2. The business exists and it has been formed according to the law.

3. I have been authorized by the business' legal representatives to register its details in this website and to use the services provided on behalf of the business.

4. There is a direct employment relationship between myself and the business I am registering.

5. I accept that the only possible use of the services provided in this website is advertising of employment vacancies and finding employees for the business registered in this form. Any other use different from this is strictly forbidden.

6. I agree that any advert published in this website will have to comply with the following rules:
6.1. Requirements for all adverts:

6.1.1. They must be correctly written.

6.1.2. They must be classified in the right job category and in the location where the duties will be performed.

6.1.3. No duplicate ads will be allowed.

6.1.4. Job Ads must refer to a single specific vacancy and location.

6.1.5. Include a complete job description (requirements, qualifications, experience, duties, etc).

6.1.6. Only the title of the job is permitted in the "Job Title" field.

6.1.7. Do not include contact details in the description

6.1.8. Website links and redirect instructions not permitted in job ads

6.2. The following types of adverts are prohibited:
6.2.1. Those that do not ask for any requirement or the requirements are so vague

6.2.2. Network marketing, pyramid schemes, get rich quick jobs, etc. or anything similar, are strictly forbidden. Any advert from businesses whose trade is related to the above mentioned categories, are also prohibited.

6.2.3. Independent sales agents, independent distributors, and in general any commission only based job. Some exceptions may be made if a minimum performance is mandatory and the workers are directly supervised by the employer.

6.2.4. Work from home jobs eg. Administration jobs via computer - "Flyer Jobs"

6.2.5. Business opportunities of any kind.

6.2.6. Any advert related to sex, pornography, prostitution or "adult services".

6.2.7. Any advert that requires an initial investment or payment of a fee.

6.2.8. Those where the main purpose of the advert is to encourage the reader to visit another website.

6.2.9. Adverts that do not advertise jobs, for instance, courses, training, or any other thing that is not a paid employment opportunity.

7. All the adverts will be reviewed by our editors. We reserve the right to delete any given advert if not complying with the advertising rules.

8. Changes in these rules could be made in the future without prior notice. Any changes will be published on this page.

9. Should I not meet any of the requirements mentioned above I understand my account will be removed from the system without prior notice and any paid services will not be refunded.

You're Assistance and Understanding is much appreciated.

Thank you
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